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The Thankful Yogi Guide


Thanksgiving and yoga go hand in hand. Thanksgiving is about gratitude and taking time to acknowledge all the beautiful and wondrous people and things that have touched your heart. Take time to reflect together on what gratitude truly means. Discuss how you can show your gratitude. Here are some yoga activities you can incorporate into family time.

Gratitude Ball: In yoga we often use a “Gratitude Ball”. We start class passing the ball around sharing what we are grateful for. You can use any item in your house for this. Everyone is respectful of the person talking and everyone gets a turn to share but no one is ever forced to share.


ABC Thanksgiving: Everyone goes around and says what they are thankful for and then does a corresponding yoga pose for the first letter of the word. If you do not know a yoga pose for that letter then make one up! Using your imagination is half the fun. Example 1: “I am thankful for my dog. Dog starts with D.” Everyone does downward facing dog. Example 2: “I am thankful for pumpkin pie. Pumpkin starts with P as in plank pose.” Everyone does plank pose.

Set the Table: Each person takes a turn being the table. Tables are strong and steady so steady you can balance thanksgiving dinner on them. Use fake food and plastic wear to “set the table”, then everyone “takes a seat” in chair pose. Take turns letting everyone be the table. The ABCs of Yoga for Kids has some great resources to add to your yoga fun and give you some pose ideas!

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